Subject: Auke Bay Harbor ParkingDate: 06-21-2013 10:07:44
From: Lieutenant David CampbellCase or Incident: #PSA

This summer the Juneau Police Department has seen an increase in parking violations in the area of Auke Bay Harbor. In particular, trucks with trailers have been parking in the tow-away zones on Back Loop Road between the Deharts intersection and University Drive. Parking in the tow-away zones in this area can pose a safety risk to motorist trying to access Back Look Road from side streets and driveways.

On the weekend of June 15th through June 16th, 2013, vehicles parking in violation of the signage were issued written warnings. Effective June 22nd, 2013, vehicles illegally parking in the tow-away zones in the vicinity of Auke Bay Harbor will be subject to being impounded.

JPD strongly encourages the public to not park in the tow-away zones near Auke Bay Harbor. Any vehicle impounded over the weekend will not be available for release until JPD business hours the following Monday. Additionally, the owner of the towed vehicle will be issued a citation and will have to pay impound fees.
All factual allegations contained in this release are based upon preliminary investigation and are subject to change or clarification as the investigation continues.    Any charges reported in this release are merely accusations and all persons named in this release are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.*** END OF STATEMENT ***