Subject: Medical AssistanceDate: 12-09-2013 01:40:18
From: Lt. Kris SellCase or Incident: #2013-046669
Summary:Yesterday afternoon, at about 3:50, two Juneau Police Department Officers were on foot patrol at an event at the Juneau Arts and Culture Center, also known as the JACC, when they heard a radio call for medical responders to assist a 60 year old man. The man was reported as at the JACC and having a medical issue. Officer Jarrett Mahoney and Officer Frank Dolan found the man and positioned him to open his airway. The man took one breath and stopped breathing. The officers then began CPR. Capital City Fire and Rescue personnel arrived and used an automatic external defibrillator, or AED device, to establish a heartbeat. The man began recovering and was speaking by the time he was transported to Bartlett Regional Hospital. The emergency room doctor credits the speedy action by the officers as critical to the manís survival.
The Juneau Police Department is very proud of Officer Jarrett Mahoney and Officer Frank Dolan. Officer Dolan commented today that seeing someone literally brought back to life between police and fire efforts was one of the most moving events of his police officer career.

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