Subject: 2013 Drug Seizure SummaryDate: 01-16-2014 01:08:46
From: Lt. Kris SellCase or Incident: #N/A
Summary:The Juneau Police Department (JPD) has released drug interdiction numbers for 2013 and some trends are emerging. The tenfold increase in heroin seizures JPD saw between 2011 and 2012 has now dipped slightly. In 2011, JPD collected 78 grams of heroin. Heroin seizures went up in 2012 to 893 grams. In 2013 JPD seized 592 grams of heroin.

Seizures of oxycotin, an opiate like heroin, are up again after a drop last year. Seizures of that drug declined sharply from 2011 to 2012 but is now even higher than 2011. 2013 saw seizures of 969.5 pills, up from 274.5 pills in 2012. 927.5 pills were collected in 2011.

The other drug that was significantly different in 2013 was methamphetamine. 760 grams were seized in 2013 contrasting to almost half of that amount, 416 grams, in 2012. There was only 39 grams of meth collected in 2011.

JPD started collecting significant amounts of a new drug in 2013. It is often called ‘Spice’ and the 32 grams JPD collected this year had a street value of $17,250.
JPD has also started tracking overdoses from drugs. In 2012, there were six medical calls involving overdoses. In 2013, there were nine overdose medical calls.

In 2013, JPD opened 137 narcotics cases. 41 defendants were charged with a total of 65 crimes. Also, 22 search warrants were executed. The number of people being charged with drugs crimes has been trending generally upward with 38 people charged in 2011, 37 charged in 2012, and 41 charged in 2013.
JPD also worked with federal partners to interdict drugs in Washington but on the way to Juneau. Those investigations led to 177grams of heroin, worth $177,000, and 290 grams of meth, worth $43,500, being seized prior to shipping to Juneau. Those amounts are not including in the totals from Juneau.

The following highlights the 2013 amounts of scheduled drugs seized in Juneau and the corresponding street value:

Marijuana 18204.46g $ 773,585
Marijuana Plants 119 $ 238,000
Hashish 25g $ 2,500
Oxycodone 969.5 pills $ 156,640
Hydrocodone / Methadone/Vicodin/Suboxone
233.5 pills $ 14,300
Heroin 592g $ 592,000
Cocaine 130.8g $ 22,670
Methamphetamine 760.15g $ 124,017
Clonazepam / Lorazepam 241.5 pills $ 2,415
Fentanyl 250 micrograms $ 500
LSD 2 blotter tabs $ 50
MDMA / "Molly" 106 tabs $ 3,180
Spice 32g $ 17,250

Total value of drugs seized: $ 1,947,107
Total cash seized: $ 50,325

All factual allegations contained in this release are based upon preliminary investigation and are subject to change or clarification as the investigation continues.    Any charges reported in this release are merely accusations and all persons named in this release are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.*** END OF STATEMENT ***