Subject: Cohen Drive Bear Attraction NuisanceDate: 07-11-2018 06:34:38
From: Erann Kalwara - JPD PIOCase or Incident: #180710-004
Summary: On Tuesday July 10th, 2018 at approximately 12:26am, the Juneau Police Department was advised that four deceased dogs had been found in the 19000 block of Cohen Drive. The caller was referred to Animal Control. An Animal Control officer responded to the area at around 1:00am and found the remains of several deceased dogs in heavy plastic bags in the roadway. The bags had been ripped open and the remains appeared to have been partially consumed by bear(s).

Later that morning, a JPD Community Service Officer, the Fish and Game Coordinator and two Animal Control Officers responded to the area. The investigation revealed that a bear or multiple bears had removed several deceased animals that had been improperly stored in a soft sided structure on private property. Bear(s) had drug the animal remains into the road, onto other surrounding areas of the private property and into nearby woods.

The property owner, Michael Dziuba, who operates a business providing cremation services for pets, was cited by JPD for Bear Attraction Nuisance. Animal Control Officers issued multiple citations to Dziuba for Improper Disposal of Dead Animals.

Dziuba was advised of his responsibility to promptly remove the rest of the animal remains. Fish and Game provided guidance on appropriate ways to reduce bear attraction. A CBJ Community Development Code Compliance Officer responded to the area and advises the remains have been removed and cleanup has been initiated.

Dziuba has been cooperative with multiple agencies to remedy the situation. Fish and Game will continue to monitor bear activity in the area to determine if management action is needed. The number of bears involved in the incident is unknown. No aggressive behavior has been reported or observed.
All factual allegations contained in this release are based upon preliminary investigation and are subject to change or clarification as the investigation continues.    Any charges reported in this release are merely accusations and all persons named in this release are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.*** END OF STATEMENT ***