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Questions Posted to "Ask a Dispatcher"

Q. I know that your going to have the auction the end of the month,why dont you put the Vehicles on the public surplus site.There's already a link to CBJ.You could save money by not having them towed over to La Perouse. http://www.publicsurplus.com/sms/juneau,ak/browse/cataucs?catid=4

Dear Juneau Resident,

We have certainly thought of what you are suggesting a number of years ago but there were problems with making that shift. Vehicles that are seized are in a different legal status than vehicle JPD or other agency has been using and is surplusing. The seized vehicles have their own timelines with notices to owners with respect to his or her rights. The JPD evidence custodian is tasked to tracking all of the steps with seized vehicles and monitoring the space in the impound yard as it fills and doing the minimum number of auctions since JPD loses money on each one. The sale price is a fraction of what it cost to tow, store, and do legally required notices. We have found JPD needs to keep on its own timeline to meet our needs with seized vehicles. You may have noticed we wait until we have to do an auction and then do one with just a few weeks notice. JPD vehicles can then be thrown in with the seized vehicles or go to other CBJ auctions that could be at a number of different sites. JPD does put the vehicles on our website and has a showing two days prior for customers.

JPD would like to not tow vehicles but it has not been practical to do an auction at the impound yard. First, JPD stacks that yard full so there isn't much room to move by the time we get to an auction. The vehicles to be sold have to be moved away from vehicles in the early steps of being seized, vehicles in safekeeping status and vehicles in evidence status. If the public comes into the impound yard there is a large staff cost because JPD has experienced people viewing cars stealing anything portable and of value from the cars. If we have to staff for that activity aimed at non-auction status cars, including evidence vehicles, the staffing costs go way up. We know barricades only work if manned.

I hope this explains why seized vehicles, sometimes with JPD vehicles, operate separately from other CBJ surplus vehicles.


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