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Q. I live directly above a tourist shop downtown, and I found out today that they will be playing loud music over their speaker system during business hours (they close at 9PM). The music is very audible, including bass and radio dj, and can be heard throughout the apartment's common and sleeping areas. I feel like calling JPD might be a little much at this point - do you have any suggestions on how to handle this before I file a formal complaint (if I even can)? I'm not sure of the best way to address a noise complaint with an actual business, especially when it's a residence in a commercial area...

Dear Juneau Resident,

You are in a tough position. The noise ordinance is not designed to change business activity if the activity is legal. Sometimes the apartments are at a discounted price and soon after moving in, the tenants figure out why. If you did not sign a lease you can make a personal decision to find another apartment. You can ask the business owner if they would be willing to turn down the music in the evening hours and if you are paying rent to that person you might have some pull in getting an agreement. There isn't anything the criminal justice system can do for you in this situation but you have our sympathy.


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