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Q. There is a lady who lives on LaPerouse who is yelling at my kids and threatening them with calling the police because they are riding their bikes in the ditch which is city property. I'm tired of her yelling at my kids and getting confronted by her myself. What can be done about this?

Dear Juneau Resident,

The yelling is not illegal and threatening to call the police is different than threatening physical harm but one can certainly understand the unpleasantness such a neighbor could bring to an area. You could rise above her behavior and offer her a not threatening token like flowers with a map showing that your kids are not on her property. You would need to do this separate from any incident so hopefully she isn't already upset. You might find out she is upset about something else, like the noise, and maybe you can come to a compromise.

If that doesn't work you may just have to talk to your kids about how some adults do not behave appropriately. This is not the last time they are going to run across such an adult and you could use this as a lesson on what to do when someone is acting that way. You could tell your kids to go about their business but not to deliberately provoke the woman. That is what you would want them to do if you weren't around. Your kids will learn how to handle situations like this from watching you so what is most important is to show the example you want them to imitate.


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