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Q. So my very close friend has parents that are just Hell bent on destroying her. So they took her to yet another evaluation appointment which is like the 3rd one where just like every other one, she was deemed mentally sane and normal. However, her parents argued with the two doctors for about an hour until finally they cracked and admitted her just to get them to stop. So my question is, is this legal to admit her to a psych ward without failing the psychological test?

Dear Juneau Resident,

This is one of those issues where there are probably strong emotions on each side with everyone thinking they are right and have the best motives. That usually means there needs to be another party to help resolve the issue. The positive side is your friend has a professional to talk to while admitted and maybe that person can be the third party.

Holding someone for mental health reasons is a huge responsibility for a doctor and JPD has found them pretty conservative about admitting someone even when officers disagree with releasing the person. Officers have to defer to the specialist, the same position in which you find yourself. You can call the deciding doctors boss, that's what we do, and at least ask that the supervisor talk to the doctor about the decision. Keep in mind even if and when that happens both the supervisor and doctor are prohibited from releasing information to you because of your friend's right to privacy. You will have to rely on your friend to fill you in.


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