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Q. Where can we ride ATV's & Dirt Bikes here in town? Also any place to 4x4 Off Road?

Dear Juneau Resident,

There isn't a place on CBJ property so if you are in town private property is the only option.

The local officers in green uniforms and green and white SUVs, those are Forest Service Law Enforcement folks, say the feds have a some riding areas. If a Forest Service gate is open, that area is open to motorized vehicles; 4- wheelers, snowmachines, trucks, and motorcycles. Those gates are open when there is a certain amount of snow on the ground. USFS cops measure the snow and open the gate. Keep in mind you can't legally ride in a way that damages the environment, like spinning up mudholes. Those officers have 4-wheelers and snowmachines to patrol and look for that kind of behavior. How cool is it that they get to use snowmachines and 4-wheelers to patrol?

There is also a Forest Service gate out at 25 mile Glacier Highway that ATVs are allowed to go around, but activities must be confined to the three mile stretch of road just past that gate. That is the only summer time riding and that is just for ATVs and smaller vehicles.

On a side note, some Juneau residents have expressed surprise that the officers in green are 'real' cops. Trust me, they are. They stop folks for DWI and all kinds of law violations. USFS officers also go on calls and traffic stops with Troopers and JPD. JPD dispatches for the USFS law enforcement people when they are out on the road. One way to tell if an officer has the authority to pull someone over or otherwise detain a person is to look for the red and blue lights together on the top of a vehicle. That means the vehicle is being operated by a certified officer with the authority to pull people over.


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