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Q. i am being constantly harrassed by my ex boyfriend girl. everytime we end up in the same place she would say things like she wanna fight. we havent fought yet but what can i do to protect myself and not go to jail? what are my rights?

Dear Juneau Resident,

The only way to make sure you don't go to jail is to ignore her and not get into a physical confrontation. If she becomes more aggressive and threatens you in an environment where she could reasonably act on the threat immediately you would have grounds to report an assault. If the woman is stalking you, going to places where she doesn't usually go and with the specific intent of contacting you, you can get a stalking protective order provided you have grounds to believe she is a physical threat to you.

The best advice is to avoid the woman, and probably your ex as well. If you can't avoid them then ignore them since a reaction is what people usually want in these situations. None of us have the right to have people who annoy us banned from our presence so running into exs and his or her new current significant other is just part of small town life. Almost every time this happens hurt feelings heal and people move on, if they don't move on it is because the person just doesn't have much going on in his or her life so bothering someone else becomes a hobby. It kind of makes you feel sorry for them.

There is a saying that living well is the best revenge. If you go to an interesting school or training program, get a better job, find a much better boyfriend...that is the way to show you are above the whole thing.


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