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Questions Posted to "Ask a Dispatcher"

Q. Is there a city ordinance against “cruising” particularly making laps downtown sometimes in fancy cars or motorcycles? What about excessive engine revving and or slowly driving (really slow) all the way down the street obstructing normal traffic flow? If so what is the proper way to file complaints and to whom should it be addressed.
Thank you for any information you may have for me.

Dear Juneau Resident,

There is no law against cruising. Drivers are not supposed to obstruct traffic but if they are still moving such a case would be difficult to make in the downtown area of Franklin and Front Streets. If stopped for a long period, that would move an officer more toward being able to justify a citation. For an impeding traffic ticket you have to take into account the nature and use of the area. In that area drivers stop, reasonably, for pedestrians in and not in crosswalks, people parking or pulling out of a parking spot, and other reasons.

Compared to other cities, Juneau has very little 'cruising' inspired congestion. Some of us remember high school environments where pretty much all socializing was done on the main drag, especially after a basketball or football game. That is probably never going to be a primary activity in Juneau because the downtown streets don't allow drivers going the same direction to pull up next to each other at a stop light, like in the movie 'American Graffiti', so the socializing draw is a minimum. That must be a relief to busy people actually trying to get somewhere!

You are right that Juneau downtown cruising usually involves a fancy car or motorcycle someone wants to show off so they drive really slow.

If you see or hear something extreme, like a car parked in the street and blocking traffic, or a very loud car stereo,
just call 586-0600 with a description of the vehicle and driver. JPD often has an officer near the downtown area, including one who patrols on foot, who can check it out and see if a citation is warranted.



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