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Questions Posted to "Ask a Dispatcher"

Q. I loand a friend my car. I have the tital. I have asked for my car back and they refuse to give it to me and now clame they fixed it so I owe them money to get it back. Do I need a rit from the cort to go pick up my own personal car. Or how do I retrieve my personal property that at this point is stolen? They no l9nger have my permision to use my car.

Dear Juneau Resident,

You can report this as a vehicle theft and include the personal property as part of the theft accusation. An officer would investigate the situation to see if there are grounds for a criminal charge. If there is no criminal theft because the officer determines there were civil agreements about fixing the car then you would have to go to civil court. All of this could take awhile.

For a speedier resolution you might see if a mutual friend can negotiate a solution to the problem. In most cases where there is a dispute, one person has somewhat of a valid argument and the other person does as well. A mediator might be particularly helpful if your situation is something like this:
1) You loaned a friend a car.

2) Car breaks down and will not run without repairs. Friend fixes car instead of leaving it by road. Friend doesn't think it's fair to just gift money spent on repairing. They wouldn't have borrowed the car if he or she knew this money would need to be spent on it.

3) If car broke down with you driving you might have left it inoperable, which is your choice...once it's towed away from anywhere it could be a hazard or illegaly parked. You resent being forced to pay for repair that was the choice of the borrower instead of you having a choice.

4) Both sides in this situation have the grounds to claim the other person should fund the repair, but if each side digs in there will be no quick resolution.

5) If some information was not disclosed, like there was also an agreement to sell the car but payments stopped because of repairs the vehicle needed that new owner didn't expect, that would put you firmly in the civil court arena rather than making a criminal report appropriate.


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