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Q. Someone hung a basketball hoop on a telephone pole on a corner that is not a cul-de-sac. Cars drive around this corner and often have to disperse the kids on nice days in order to pass through. This seems extremely dangerous and I am concerned someone is going to get hit, especially if a driver is rushing or speeding around that corner. Is it against the law to hang objects on telephone poles? There is a playground two blocks away with covered basketball areas.

Dear Juneau Resident,

Maternal and paternal instinct tells us to keep our children safe. Common sense says itís not safe to play in the street (even if it seems to be a nice place for a basketball game). It also makes sense that the owners of the poles donít want to host anything that encourages children to play in the street. Who would want that liability?

So, try and determine who owns the pole. JPD dispatch usually has an officer look at it but you, and officers, canít always tell by looking. Call the people who might own the pole, itís a short list in Juneau, and let them know there is a basketball hoop up.

JPD dispatch called the nice folks at AEL&P, though we donít know if itís an AEL&P pole or not, and they brought dispatch up to speed on the actual legal restrictions:

National Electric Safety Code 217A4, 5: Obstructions including but not limited to signs, posters, notices, decorative lighting and other attachments shall not be placed on supporting structures (poles) without concurrence of the owner. Supporting structures (poles) should be kept free from other climbing hazards such as tacks, nails, vines, and bolts.

Due to safety concerns, AEL&P does not give anyone permission to climb its facilities or put up attachments, including basketball hoops.


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