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Q. ON 1/26/14 around 2 or 3 I witnessed the tail end of a drug deal behind Glacier Valley School that went bad and it sounded liked it got violent, the took his money, Another Lady called 911, Maybe I missed it but I never saw JPD even do a drive by, I give Linsence plate number. Im fearful becuase they saw me on the phone and the same jeep has driven around the neighborhod a couple of times. There is alot of drug activity in the area by the baseball feilds. This incident happened in the middle of the day and it seems like no response.

Dear Juneau Resident,

It was unfortunate timing that JPD officers were tied up on calls when this call came in. It was a Sunday afternoon which means there was one patrol team of four or five on instead of two teams like on Friday and Saturday nights.

When the call came in we had multiple officers on a domestic call that came in as a women being held against her will by the male. We also had multiple officers at a business burglary alarm where the business was found with an open door. A call like that can involve complicated search issues.

By the time an officer cleared one of the other two calls it was 15 or so minutes after the drug deal call, so we knew the parties were likely not in the area. With a license number we can fold this into our drug intel work but no one called in as being a victim of violence, though that is not surprising if drugs are involved.

If something happens where you feel threatened please report it. The people were not contacted, since we had no known victim or have an indication of anyone that could/would provide detail as to who assaulted whom, etc.., so they don't necessarily know that anyone called.

We may find out later about some details if there is retaliation, or other tensions, in the drug world and we might be able to do something about the case. That information would obviously come from people other than you and your involvement would become minimal.



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