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Q. Hello we woke up this morning to a loud boom. The neighbors had a swat team raiding their trailer... The swat team officers had fire extinguishers in their hands entering the trailer. What in the world was the reason for the extinguishers? Was there some kind of danger of fire? We have our grandchildren that play outside and wonder if there was something going on that we need to worry about our little ones.. thank you

Dear Juneau Resident,

Please see the JPD website for the press release about the call and arrest. To answer your specific question, the loud boom you heard happened at about noon on 12-27-14. It was what is called a "Noise Flash Diversionary Device" or NFDD. The SWAT team was involved in this arrest because it involved narcotics and the adult(s) involved were believed to have firearms. Firearms were later found in the home and seized. JPD does not use NFDDs in a home known to have children or elderly people inside, and we do conduct surveillance and use intel about the suspects to make that decision. If the suspects are expected to be drug protecting armed adults, an NFDD is a great tool to use as part of overwhelming force that prevents any suspect from accessing a weapon and endangering the neighbors or officers.

NFDDs do have a spark when they ignite so SWAT teams using them are trained to carry a fire extinguisher just in case carpet, drapes, or similar items catch on fire. There was no fire yesterday and there hasn't been a fire the times we have used NFDDs before in the field and in training. Still, better safe than sorry so we follow training advice to carry a fire extinguisher to put out any fire as soon as it starts.

It is our hope your neighborhood is now safer with JPD discouraging the trafficking of drugs at the trailer and making it less likely that the typical disputes that go with drugs will endanger kids in the neighborhood.


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