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Q. I'm pretty sure it is illegal to pass cars on the right while they are waiting to turn left on a two lane road. Yet almost every morning that there is school, parent taking their children to Riverbend, have other drivers passing them in the northbound bicycle lane. Would it be possible if the next time one of the officers is doing school zone speed enforcement in that area, they could also address the passing on the right?

Dear Juneau Resident,

JPD officers have been alerted to watch out for drivers using the bicycle lane to go around people waiting to turn left. Below is the CBJ ordinance on behavior like that which says a car can overtake someone waiting to make a left turn if the overtaken car is in a lane to the left of the car doing in the overtaking. This seems to authorize the behavior you see when the car turning left has an actual turn lane or is in the left most lane of a four lane road.

72.02.055 - Overtaking on right.

The driver of a vehicle may overtake and pass on the right of another vehicle only under conditions permitting the movement in safety, and:
When the vehicle overtaken is making, or is about to make, a left turn from a lane to the left of the overtaking vehicle, or is stopped or disabled; or
When the vehicles are traveling upon an unobstructed roadway of sufficient width for two or more lines of vehicles, moving lawfully in the direction of the overtaking vehicle.
No vehicle overtaking another vehicle on the right may return to its original lane until clear of the overtaken vehicle.


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