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Q. What should I do if someone repeatedly harasses me online even after I requested the person to stop the harassment? I have reported the person to Facebook, but the harassment still continues. This is a local person who has made threats (non-violent or physical)and I am afraid this person will take other measures to continue the harassment. Is there a way I can fill out a police report so that there is a paper trail of the harassment? I dont know if a restraining order will work because the person made non-violent/non-physical threats to me. I have a baby and I dont need the added stress this person is causing me. Thanks.

Dear Juneau Resident,

For a protective order there has to be a reasonable fear of violence. You can limit Facebook access by allowing only friends to see your information then unfriend this person. Then if any mutual friends that share your information with that person you can ask them not to and if they won't help then unfriend that person.

The most important thing is to protect yourself and keep your energy to care for your baby so you can always get off the more open Facebook and email or personal message those you consider close friends. If the person is a bully they will likely find someone else to pick on after awhile and you can resume Facebook but maybe want to limit those you 'Friend'.

You can always ask for an informational police report to document the communication even if there is not a crime. You might want to keep a log of incidents and copy harassing communication in case it does become physically threatening or there is an in person incident.


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