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Q. I saw an oncoming large vehicle on my way to work this morning that was displaying flaching blue and yellow lights. I thought it was an emergency vehicle so I pulled off to the shoulder. The passing vehicle turned out to be a water truck. Was the truck displaying incorrect flashing lights, or are red flaching lights the only ones that we have to pull over for?

Dear Juneau Resident,

It is so great that you wrote in on this subject because it can be very confusing. The truck had the right lights, yellow is caution and blue is a request for other vehicles to yield. Only red and blue together is a requirement that you pull over and stop. That is the combination on a police car. Blue alone, like on volunteer firefighter vehicles, is a request to yield but there is no penalty for failing to yield. Flashing red alone, like on a school bus, means that you are not to pass.


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