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Q. Is it legal for a neighbor to take photographs of the all the people and the cars they arrive in who visit another neighbors house without their knowledge?

Dear Juneau Resident,

Yes. As long as the person is on property that he or she can legally be on, the behavior is legal. Often people who believe the neighbors are dealing drugs get license plates and photograph people coming and going, hoping that will one day the information will help with a criminal case. JPD officers have even talked to people about testifying about what they have seen to assist in getting a search warrant.

It is a different situation if someone, say an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, is stalking someone. If there are grounds to believe this person is dangerous and behavior like tracking and photographing is part of intimidating and controlling of the other person, the information may be used in a stalking hearing.

When officers are on the street, doing a search warrant, etc...we assume we are being recorded in some way. It is just part of being seen in public from from private property the person has a legal right to be on.


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