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Questions Posted to "Ask a Dispatcher"

Q. Why dosen't anyone enforce the law pertaining to dogs in the back of pick up trucks, I've asked the folks at Animal Contol if they do this and was told that they do not have the authority to enforce this because this is a traffic violation, So I am now asking you JPD if this is true and if this is a traffic violation, why isn't this being enforced, over the last 5 weeks I've seen dogs jump out of a truck bed at 40 MPH I've also seen dogs get bounced out of truck beds and then get hit by the following vehicle, this is a problem and someone needs to fix it my question is who??

Dear Juneau Resident,

Both animal control officers and JPD officers can cite drivers for violating ordinance 72.10.130 (see below). Animal control officers just can't do traffic stops while JPD officers obviously can. Animal control officers can stop with someone who has pulled into a residence or business and cite the driver. Animal control officers can,if their call load allows, follow the driver to his or her destination and issue the ticket.

The activity you are describing is very dangerous to the dog and other motorists. I can't believe someone that cares about a dog would expose one to such a horrible way to be injured or killed. Don't get me started on people who put their friends and/or kids into the back of a pickup. There is no ordinance similar to 72.10.130 for humans so police have to rely on reckless endangerment and other ordinances/statutes to address the situation.

I'll pass your concern about unrestrained dogs on to patrol. In the case of a dog jumping out and getting hit, basically causing a motor vehicle accident because the driver didn't restrain the dog, JPD would certainly want a call on that. Also, if you see a dog jump from a vehicle please call us with information about the vehicle and a description of the driver. Dispatch can alert both JPD and animal control officers.

Here is the ordinance about dogs in pickups.

72.10.130 - Carrying dogs on outside of vehicles.

It is unlawful for any person to transport any living dog on the running board, fenders, hood, cargo bed, or other outside part of any vehicle, unless the dog is restrained or confined by a leash, harness, cage, enclosure or other restrictive device designed, installed, maintained and employed in a manner adequate to:

(1)Protect the dog from falling or being thrown from the vehicle;
(2)Prevent the dog from approaching within one foot of the tailgate, side rail or other outside part of the vehicle; and
(3)Permit the safe operation of the vehicle.


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