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Q. What are the laws about peeping toms? Especially when you catch them "red handed' face to face through your bedroom window?

Dear Juneau Resident,

A PEEPER! What a horrible experience to be face to face with one. It is a terrible violation for someone to be doing that.

Legally, there are a couple of remedies. There is criminal trespassing for being on your property, provided the person could not commit the act while on public property (a sidewalk). The CBJ ordinance is 42.15.010 and the state law is AS 11.46.320 or (330).

There is also indecent viewing under state law AS 11.61.123 if the person saw the private parts of your body. That might apply if you were dressing when the peeping happened.

'Peeping Tom' sounds pretty harmless, even cute. The phrase is associated with the person who folklore says 'peeped' at Lady Godiva on her horse and died, got sick, turned to stone, or all of the above. As you know by now and JPD can assure you, there is nothing acceptable much less cute about this disorder. JPD has had contact with people who can't seem to stop the behavior even when they know the word is out in the neighborhood, they are going to be caught, and public humiliation is right around the corner. They also rationalize that the victim 'wanted it' by using something like curtains that gap in the middle to block a window rather than something like solid sheetrock. Their mindset is not something the average person can even come close to understanding.

The behavior is serious and reporting it is the right thing to do.


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