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Questions Posted to "Ask a Dispatcher"

Q. I have an ex that's threatening to kill himself or me, I'm not sure what I can do and I didn't want to call 9-1-1 because he hasn't done anything yet. Any ideas?

Dear Juneau Resident,

Yes. You need to take the threats seriously and there are steps you can take right now and steps you can take when he next threatens to kill himself or you.

First, you need to act immediately to take care of yourself in this domestic violence situation. It is possible your ex is just using the threats to manipulate you but it is very possible he means to do what he says. There have been cases of DV murder/suicide right here in Juneau and not very long ago. You should go talk to the nice people at AWARE (586-1090)that are experts in this area. While the threats to you may not meet the elements of an assault, like it is over the phone, the threats do suggest you could qualify for a protective order. A protective order gives your ex clear boundaries in writing. Currently he is not respecting your boundaries and your right to live without fear.

JPD also has an employee who is a licensed social worker and can help you make a safety plan and discuss resources in the community to help you. She generally contacts victims after a domestic violence arrest and provides services however you don't have to be listed as a victim in a case to work with her. Her name is Julia Erickson and her phone numbers are 586-0618 (desk) and 723-5109 (cell).

Please call us when he makes the next suicidal or homicidal threat. JPD officers can contact him and assess the risk he presents to himself or others. If he does seem to be a threat to himself or others he can be taken into custody. This would be part of a civil committment and forces him to meet with a mental health clinician. He may then be held in a medical facility for several days. Your ex may have serious problems and this is a way you can help him get some assistance.

I hope JPD hears from you immediately when the next threat occurs.


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