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Questions Posted to "Ask a Dispatcher"

Q. Hello. I am on a yahoo group comprised of 839 Juneau families. A topic of conversation has recently come up. MANY families have expressed concern about an APX (security alarm installer) employee (caucasian, sandy blonde hair, med height, light build, late 20's) who has been going door to door demonstrating behaviors such as entering homes uninvited, refusing to leave property, being verbally abusive, approaching owners' children after being told to leave, and spitting on a house. The list goes on. The company has been called and his actions apparently continue as reports are still rolling in. 2 families on our list have had car windows smashed within days after this guy was asked to leave. Maybe a coincidence, maybe not. Some parents report that the police were notified and nothing was done about the illegal entry. Isn't the uninvited entry illegal?

Dear Juneau Resident,

JPD is getting lots of complaints on the APX sales people, dispatchers guess five-ish a day. Some of the calls are people not liking door to door sales. It's true that adults doing door to door sales in Juneau is rare and usually greeted with suspicion. Now those kids doing fundraisers...they are only spooky because they seem to sense when I have cash. How do they do that?

Some of the calls to us about APX describe behavior that is outrageous. Spitting on a house, are you kidding me! Outrageous may not be criminal, like with the uninvited entry. We are hearing one or more APX sales people just barge in without giving people a chance to tell them to stay out. The salesperson says something like, "Can I look at your electrical sockets?" Then he barges in and most people will step back so he doesn't touch them. Kind of a psychological warfare that puts them on the edge of the law but not clearly in violation. Mother-in-laws sometimes do the same kind of thing. "I just want to see if my son's laundry is done (barge in)." We don't arrest them.

Complaints to the company are good and maybe it's time to think of other appropriate options. I called the state business licensing bureau and APX holds three licenses, a contractor's license, a business license, and a corporation license. If there is a complaint made about the company's operating tactics, the state investigates. The number to call is 465-2550!

Keep calling JPD if something happens that concerns you, above and beyond the legal activity of going door to door selling something. We do keep records that might be helpful to a state investigator even if the elements of a crime are not met or there is no evidence.


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