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Q. I have a valid driving license. From time to time I forget to take my wallet with my license with me in the car. Does "driving without a valid license" refer to the legal possession of a license (such as not having it suspended by a court) or to the physical possession of a license in the car or both?

Dear Juneau Resident,

Carrying every document you have in a flesh-colored, travel-friendly, waistband under your clothes is something JPD finds only a few people doing, so the forgotten driver’s license does come up now and then. It’s a semi-big deal but not as big a deal as, say, having a DWI and continuing to drive with a driver’s license status of ‘revoked’.

‘Driving without a license’ is the phrase used when someone is driving and their driver’s license status is something other than valid per the big computer at DMV (revoked, suspended, canceled, denied, stapled or spindled). You are required to carry your license and show the license if stopped (CBJ ordinance 72.10.065b and state statute 28.15.131). Failing to ‘carry and show’ your driver’s license while driving may cost you fifty dollars or be a correctable offense where you have to bring the license to JPD and show you really have the card (the ticket then goes away). If the citation is not correctable, there is also 2 points off your license in addition to the fine.


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