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Questions Posted to "Ask a Dispatcher"

Q. Could you please do something about the two 4-plexes on Delta Dr. that seem to ALWAYS have the police called to their location? (4031 & 4033) Itís mostly the noise, but as Iím sure you are WELL aware, there are many other issues! Could you start citing the owners/landlords of these properties for the repeated calls/disturbances? We live in close proximity to these complexes and they are a constant nuisance! Iím hoping that by fining the tenants AND the owners/landlords it will prompt them to evict the bad apples!

Dear Juneau Resident,

We all despise disruptive neighbors and your feelings are obviously shared if the police have been called multiple times by various complainants. With that being said, if the police frequent those locations, they are aware of the situation and are doing what they can to restore peace to those households and quality of life to their neighbors.

It sounds like youíre ready to take a proactive approach as well. Here are a few ideas to get you heading in the right direction:

- Contact the property owners and let them know youíre fed-up. They may very well be out of the loop with what is going on. You could plan a meeting with the owner and the tenants to establish some neighbor-friendly household rules.

- Seek out your local Neighborhood Watch. If there isnít one in your neighborhood, contact another Neighborhood Watch group for advice on what to do and how to start your own watch group. (Allies are always good!)

- Knock-and-talk with other neighbors that may be feeling your pain. They might be looking for answers as well. They could join the Neighborhood Watch quest or the meeting you plan with the property owners.

- Keep a running log of dates, times, and what happened. If you have the resources to do it, videotape their disturbing behavior.

- Contact dispatch and make an extra-patrol request for your area.

- If you feel safe doing so, address the problem while itís taking place. Tell them youíre trying to sleep. Ask them to quiet down. If they donít change their ways, call their landlord and let them know. Then call JPD and tell the dispatcher you want to sign a citation for disturbing the peace. (Keep in mind it will be up to the officer to determine if a citation is possible or appropriate.)

Keep in mind, multiple complaints from angry neighbors, such as yourself, may be just what those landlords and property owners need to realize they must take action. The bottom line is, donít just cover your head with your pillow and tolerate it. I know it must be frustrating and we will do all we can to help.


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