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Q. Could I file a noise complaint over my neighbors constantly stomping throughout their apartment? I've asked them to not stomp around but nothing has changed. When the they stomp I can feel it on the floor, the walls ect. of my apartment and I'm above them! The stomping happenes at all hours of the day! If I've talked to them already and there hasn't been any change what else can I leagally do?

Dear Juneau Resident,

I can certainly understand your frustration. The city's criminal ordinance isn't very helpful in this situation because the citing officer would have to be able to prove the noise is loud, unnecessary, and unusual to meet the elements of the CBJ Disturbing the Peace ordinance.

Sometimes the design of a multi-family unit does nothing to keep the noise down, especially in older buildings. Some newer units have sound deadening technology that can help. Some people, musicians in particular, put up those egg crate foam sheets to deaden noise. I know the foam rubber is not very attractive but maybe worth a shot? The internet shows lots of other materials that might give you options.

If you are going to be in Juneau for awhile and the stomping is driving you nuts, you might want to shop for another rental with side by side units. Duplex units joined at the carport or garage may eliminate you hearing everyday sounds entirely.


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