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Questions Posted to "Ask a Dispatcher"

Q. What is the best way to handle a neighbor that keeps their dog outside all hours of the day/night despite it's CONSTANT barking? We have filed a complaint with animal control but it has continued...

Dear Juneau Resident,

You can follow up with animal control so that they know the problem is continuing. If you have any type of friendly relationship with the owners, try and talk to them politely but frequently. Water can wear away a mountain eventually. Try to determine if they want the dogs to stop barking but haven't figured out how to make that happen. If they also want the barking to end share the tip below with them.

I have some constantly barking dogs in my neighborhood, just not right next to me. The neighbors on either side of the bothersome dogs are very frustrated. We were all talking at a National Night Out party last week. I told both the neighbors about this device I got for my 'barky' Labrador. It is about three inches tall and one inch square and runs on a 9 volt battery. It was in the checkout line of one of our local stores and only cost about $11. It emits a high pitched tone that people can't hear but dogs can when they bark. After I set it up in my living room, it trained my Lab not to bark at people in the street in about fifteen minutes! Now she rarely barks even when someone is near the door so it compromised her 'alarm' value a bit but it was so worth it not to have the windows rattling everytime a kid walked by. I think you could mount the device outside if you covered it, on your own property of course, and it might train the neighbor's dogs! I see the fancy ones for sale online are about $40. Worth a shot, maybe?

There are places that use the same type of devices to keep teenagers from loitering, like outside malls down south. That device emits a high pitched annoying tone that teenagers can hear but anyone slightly older probably won't hear. It's the same technology as is involved with the teen's only ring tones that are supposed to keep adults from hearing when a teen has a call.


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