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Q. Is it illegal for a felon with remaining probationary time, and a former felon, who has done their time, and paid their debt to society, to hang out or even date?

Dear Juneau Resident,

As a rule, felons on probation have gotten out of jail because they agreed to follow a bunch of rules about their behavior. He or she may have to avoid drugs and alcohol. They may have to abide by a curfew. Some conditions of probation are driven by the person's particular crime. A person convicted of felony DWI may have a prohibition about alcohol and maybe driving while on probation.

Then there are the standard conditions. A very common condition of felony probation is that the person is not allowed to associate with other convicted felons. Someone wanting to have an exception to that particular restriction would have to get permission from their probation officer.

Someone on probation is not well served by trying to get away with violating conditions. Violating any of the conditions of probation can send someone back to prison to serve some or all of their remaining time. The person goes directly to jail with no bail and no trial.

You are right that the person off probation has paid their debt. The restriction about avoiding other felons applies only to the person still on probation. There are no consequences to a felon off probation for associating with a felon on probation, except possibly feeling guilty about contributing to a friend going back to prison.


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