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Questions Posted to "Ask a Dispatcher"

Q. Would getting a protective order on my neighbors who live in the duplex next to me do any good? My neighbor likes to throw parties, and the most recent one got out of hand. Their guests tried to break into my home and used full force to try and break down my door, they made horrible threats and scared my children severely. Unfortunately, JPD did nothing.

Dear Juneau Resident,

A protective order for people not in a domestic relationship is for a person who is being stalked or has been sexually assaulted. It doesn't seem to be the correct tool for your situation but the final call is up to the judge that would hear the petition.

When a party is actually happening, you can make a noise complaint and patrol will issue a ticket if the elements are met. If your neighbors go into an area designated as yours, they can be charged with criminal trespass. An example is if they got into your car.

Without knowing the particulars of your situation, I can assure you lots of behavior that is completely offensive and upsetting, especially to children, is still legal. However, you do have some options when it comes to advocating for your own quality of life. You will want to make sure you own behavior is above reproach so it doesn't become a situation where you and the neighbors are accusing each other of bad behavior.

One step you can take it to make sure the property owner knows what is going on. They have a lot of money riding on the property maintaining its value. A property owner/manager would want to know about any damage the partiers might be doing. Another option is to find out if the neighbor is violating any rules tenants have to agree to as far as number of guests, how many complaints from other tenants will be tolerated before a lease is null and void, etc... If you signed any lease agreements, now is the time to pull those out and review them to see what may apply to the neighbor. Holding someone accountable, through the property manager, under those types of rules can be fast and effective. If the landlord gets involved the neighbors might become motivated to avoid eviction. In JPD's experience, we can be at the very start of an investigation when the person responsible for the property delivers an eviction notice to the subject. The speed at which a private person can take action is sometimes blazingly fast when compared to the legal system.


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