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Q. Good morning, so recently I have been trying to help my friend in getting his license so he can drive, currently he does have a valid permit but does not have a copy of the permit (lost) so we went into DMV to get a copy, though instead of receiving a copy we got told that a new law had been passed making it so you could only renew it once, after that you have to take the road test, however they wouldn't go into details with us. This sounded very fishy to me however as I thought if you didn't have a license you still have to have your permit and have it with you at all times when you drive even when taking a road test from the DMV, am I wrong?

Dear Juneau Resident,

Your friend is going to have to communicate with DMV about his situation because this is definitely their territory and they are the experts. JPD's take on it is your friend has to have a valid license holder's status in the DMV computer. That is the database officers check after contacting a driver and seeing the driver's license or permit. Obviously, your friend also needs the physical card since both CBJ ordiance (72.10.065) and state law (AS28.15.131) require a driver to carry and show a license or permit.

It appears your friend has to work some things out with DMV in both those areas. First, there is his status of learner's permit holder. It sounds like the new law is to make sure that people aren't staying in learner's status for a lifetime and are actually moving toward getting an unrestricted/less restricted license. I can see the logic in not wanting someone to drive for years and years, in the company of a licensed driver, but without ever proving he or she can pass a road test. New time limits may mean your friend's practice time is over and he needs to schedule a road test.

The second issue is the card. You obviously need to get some questions answered about how to get another card. Don't be surprised if homeland security rules make that process more expensive and complicated than it used to be. All government agencies have faced crackdowns telling the agency to increase control over items that can be used for illegal purposes. Government issued photo IDs could be more tightly controlled than in the past.

It might be a good idea for your friend to call a DMV supervisor on the phone and go over the two issues at some length. That way the person answering the questions is not looking at a line of people trying to turn in tests, register vehicles, etc...
The Juneau number is 465-4361 and the Anchorage office is 1-907-269-5551.


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