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Q. Ive noticed alot of people hanging out at mendenhall mall on some nights there would be a group of them hanging out with their lights on their vehicles at least four of them with their lights on i was half tempted to call the police and let them know about it to have them turn off their lights while parked they were all facing to the street we drive on, I've also noticed them speeding across the parking lot and garbage the next day do they have anyone to monitor them there or are they supposed to be there and hang out in the parking lot

Dear Juneau Resident,

The parking lot at Mendenhall Mall is private property. JPD will respond to misdemeanors or more serious crimes. Leaving car lights on while in a parking lot does not violate any ordinances or statutes so it would not be appropriate for the police to take action on that matter though we would respond to issues involving reckless driving.

The owner has the right to make and enforce rules above and beyond what the law specifies. It is like having someone in your home. It is legal to track mud around on your boots but a homeowner can kick you out for doing it and if you refuse to leave, it's criminal trespass. Property ownership is public record through the assessor's database, which can help you contact the owner with any complaints.


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