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Q. This may be a question for the fire department, but here goes. CBJ code states a burn permit is needed for open burning on one's property. From the CBJ website, "Open burning means the burning of a material which results in the products of combustion being emitted directly into the ambient air without passing through a stack or flue, but not including the burning of campfires, barbecues, candles or tobacco." My question is, what is the definition of a "campfire"? If I am relaxing in my backyard with a small fire and roasting marshmellows, hotdogs, etc, is this considered a campfire or do I need a burn permit?

Dear Juneau Resident,

What a great question as we get to fall and people are trying to enjoy those last few weekends of outdoor activity! A helpful fire marshal over at Capital City Fire and Rescue, Dan Jager, gave me a very specific definition of 'campfire'. A campfire is defined as a small fire no larger than 3 foot in diameter and is used for warming or cooking. As long as the fire is used for these purposes, no burn permit is needed.

Happy B-B-Qing!


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