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Q. Are bears pumpkin eaters? I want to carve pumpkins for my porch and yard but don't want to attract bears.

Dear Juneau Resident,

Bears are omnivores, just like people, and will eat plants and meat. JPD dispatchers do have experience with bears eating carved pumpkins set out as decorations so feel free to make that gourd into a pie and turn it in, for your own safety. Seriously, if you already have bruins lurking about I wouldn’t set out a snack.

Here is what the CBJ ordinance says:

Juneau residents have long been asked to try to keep garbage away from bears. Now, local ordinances (in effect year-round) offer that little extra incentive: you may be fined if you don't! Expect continued vigorous enforcement in 2009.
Below is a brief summary of relevant provisions:
• Garbage cans may be put out to the curb for collection no sooner than 4 a.m. on pickup day.
• Other than after 4 a.m. on pickup day, garbage must be kept in a bear resistant container or enclosure.
o in a strong fully enclosed structure such as a garage
o in another "bear resistant enclosure," defined as an enclosure that you can't get into unless you use hands or tools. If it can be opened by stomping on it, kicking it, running into it with your body, or other similar action, it is not bear resistant.
• Garbage cans must be labeled with your address.
• Garbage cans must be fitted with lids so as to remain secure if cans are tipped over.
• If your garbage has attracted bears and you fail to take steps to legally store your garbage, you could be cited for maintaining a bear attraction nuisance, a $50 fine for the first offense.

Detail: Juneau Ordinances Regarding Garbage Storage
Current Law:
• CBJ Ordinance 2004-11, adopted 3/22/04
Repealing and Reenacting the Urban Bear Ordinance, effective April 22, 2004. This ordinance mandates metal lids on all dumpsters containing putrescible waste, defines the times that you may put out garbage cans for pick up, allows for fines if your garbage has attracted bears and you fail to take steps to legally store your garbage, requires that all garbage cans be fitted with lids that will remain secure if cans are tipped over.


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