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Q. If your a minor(under 21 but older then 18) and your partner is over 21. Can they have Alcohol in the house and throw a party even? Im not sure because of Minor in possetion of alcohol law. Is it in the minors possestion just for living there? Can the minor or the over 21 year old get in any trouble? Even if the minor is sober?

Dear Juneau Resident,

As a common sense rule, it is not a good idea to have a house party where alcohol is served and have people under 21 there. You know yourself, your partner, your neighbors, your friends, and their friends better than I do so you can look at who will be at or around such a party and if everyone involved is likely to comply with alcohol restrictions. It just takes one person deciding to make his or her own rules to cause a problem for themselves and others.

The two statutes that come into play here are Possession or Comsumption by Persons under 21 (04.16.050) and Furnishing Alcohol to Persons under 21 (04.15.051). Obviously the person under 21 drinking any of the alcohol, party or no party, has the younger person violating the first statute and the older partner, or someone else over 21 who bought provided the alcohol, violating the second statute.

To avoid possessing the alcohol the younger person also must not possess or control the alcohol. That means hands off the hooch with no carrying, mixing, serving...nada. As far as just alcohol in the house, that alone won't do it for possession but it is considered additional evidence where minor consuming or furnishing citations are being written. An example would be that an officer would take pictures of the alcohol to attach to the case in a situation where there was a lot of alcohol and a lot of underage people but a small number of people over 21.


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