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Q. What is the process in dealing with bears who constantly dig in the garbage? Do you deal with that or would Fish & Game? What about issuing a ticket for keeping garbage out all the time? My neighbors leave their trash out all the time because they think it's fun to take pictures of the bear, not to mention they are constantly intoxicated when my fiance and I approach them about it (but that's a different issue). Before the bear was scared and the slighest noise would scare it off, but now you can yell and holler and the bear will act like you're not even there and it's getting a litle too comfortable for my taste.

Dear Juneau Resident,

I am so sorry to hear someone is intentionally attracting bears! That is so irresponsible. That bear may eventually have to be destroyed if it has become too acclimated to human food and comfortable being around humans.

There are two issues and two agencies involved with this situation. JPD does enforcement when people fail to secure their garbarge and create a bear attraction. The community service officers are the specialists so most of these calls are routed to them. Just call JPD and give the address and names, if you have them, of the offenders.

The bear not being afraid of people anymore is an issue for Fish and Game. Just call 465-4265 to report the situation. They may set a trap for the bear. There are currently a couple of bear traps out in different neighborhoods.


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