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Q. I would like to know why Officer Ervin is still employeed with the City,, you can't tell me that JPD or the city isn't showing favoritizm, I would like to know why he wasn't arrested and put in Lemon Creek, or why he's not being treated the same as anyone else for the same crime, I have lost all faith in the Juneau Police Department, this seemes to be another case of good ole boy treatment,, anyone else would be awaiting trail behind bars, but not Officer Ervin, lets keep him employed and give him a curfew, UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!!!!!!

Dear Juneau Resident,

Thank you for using this program to discuss community issues. It is not appropriate for us to get into the details of this case, which has a trial date set for January 10th per the Empire yesterday.

When it comes to criminal cases in general, JPD and other investigating agencies are part of a diffuse justice system with checks and balances on each participant. No person, or even agency, gets to make all the decisions from complaint to conviction. Sometimes the path to the ultimate outcome zigs and zags as the built in checks and balances happen and different people or groups do what they think is most likely to result in justice. It's often not pretty and those of us working in the system are well aware of that. It is a system that is owned by you and you should weigh in on how you think it's going.

As for employer/employee issues, that process is all very confidential as is legally required. No one is allowed to comment on that beyond what has already been said.


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