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Q. How often do patrol officers look at vehicle license plate expiration tags? I have recently counted no fewer than 10 (ten) expired plate on the road, being actively driven.

Dear Juneau Resident,

JPD officers look for those all the time! It is drilled into them in training. Sometimes officers stop people who don't know they have just expired. If the plate is just barely expired, a few days, the person might get a warning or a citation with a grace period to fix the issue.

Many times in court I have heard a cited person say their expired plates are DMV's fault because they didn't get a notice in the mail. In my experience, that defense has never worked. Sometimes there isn't a DMV notice so it is a good policy to check the plates personally every now and then or check once and put it on the calendar you look at regularly.

On a slightly off topic FYI, whatever you do, don't mix up your tabs or decide to move one from a car you don't drive to one you do. That little number on the goes to a particular plate and a particular car. Officers can radio dispatch and run those. Busted for misuse of license plates!


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