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Q. When does it become illegal to have extremely loud base emanating from a vehicle? Today around 1:00PM there was a blue Ford mini van driving with an extremely loud base sound vibrating me inside my vehicle 3 car lengths ahead. This is VERY irritating.

Dear Juneau Resident,

Been there! One car on Riverside actually caused physical pain in my ears when I had to stop behind the vehicle at the stop sign at Stephen Richards. The CBJ Assembly just considered a new Disturbing the Peace (Noise) ordinance. The old ordinance and new ordinance have the same information about is illegal to have your stereo up so that it can be heard 30 feet from the vehicle and the class B misdemeanor citation goes to the registered owner of the vehicle, not necessarily the stereo operator...parents be advised!

You can call us with the license plate and provided you are willing to testify and attach your information to the case, the officer can cite the person without hearing the offense personally. Be sure to use an non-emergency phone line for this report, 586-0600. We had someone call 911 last week to get a number for a taxi. Then she forgot the number and called 911 again to have it repeated. Those incidents are why we push the use of non-emergency lines for...non-emergencies.


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