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Q. Is it a ticketed offence to have gravel spilling from a vehicle constantly, not properly displaying license plates or operating a vehicle in visable disrepair i.e. lights, windows ect. If so, Is it possible for patrol officers watch for those piece of *** plow trucks with the sanders on the back that are in visable disrepair. On 3 occasions this winter my vehicle and my work vehicle has been pounded by spilling gravel from one of these trucks on Egan and Glacier Hwy. Both windows need to be repalced. I would have gotten the licence plate number but they are obstructed by the sanders and plows. Sanders have catch chutes and augers that are supposed to stop the flow of gravel but if not maintained properly or gravel is left on the bumper or too close to the edge of the bed it spills out durring travel. I know not to follow these trucks too close however the size of gravel being used by private sanders will bounce several hundred feet behind and when they change lanes infront of you its unavoidable (state sanders regulate the size of sand they use to keep this from happening). Alot of these private trucks are older and some dont even have licence plates or current registration displayed. We do need the services they provide, however they should follow all the same traffic laws as the rest of us. I an certain the auto glass repair businesses in town dont mind but I do. Could this be forwarded to the state troopers and DOT enforcment officers for commerncial vehicles as well?
Thank you for your public service and any feedback on this,Have a great holiday, and be safe.

Dear Juneau Resident,

You mentioned a number of illegal activities including unsecured load. JPD has seen everything from rocks to stoves fall off the back of trucks. That issue can be addressed with a citation. Lights have to be in good working order, plates have to be visible and registration must be current. I will pass your concerns on to patrol.

Have a Merry Christmas!


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