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Q. I live in an area with many restaurant/bars/church hall where parking is at a premium. Several times I've had my driveway blocked by someone's car. What can I do to get the car removed?

Dear Juneau Resident,

You have several options and they do not include moving to Douglas or the valley. You can leave a note on the car politely reminding the driver not to park there. You can call JPD and ask that the car be ticketed, $25 under city ordinance 72.02.340(d2A) ‘Parking in such a manner as to block a driveway or alley’. JPD has the most ability to do parking enforcement during business hours, weekdays, when the community service officers are working. You might not have to wait behind priority calls if you call during that time.

You could post a sign reminding people not to park, maybe with that scary tow truck outline to remind drivers that the car can be towed. The most drastic measure is call JPD and ask that the offending car be towed, an action that comes with a parking ticket. Since the driver is someone who frequents the area around your house and they are going to be VERY upset, it would be best to make sure the situation warrants that response, like you are blocked in and need to leave or the person is a repeat offender with whom other measures have failed.


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