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Q. My boyfriend was tellin me about a friend of the family that got picked up for freaking out at a store and its been 2 weeks since that happend and cops say they dont remember where they took her. that makes me feel a little uncomfortable. and shes still missing

Dear Juneau Resident,

You should report the person missing if you know enough about their lives to determine that the current behavior is out of the ordinary. If you aren't that close to the person maybe you could call someone who is familiar with the person's daily routine. Maybe someone closer to the individual can confirm that they are missing and call JPD.

Keep in mind when you ask JPD for information adults have privacy rights that police have to honor. If someone is upset and wants a ride to a friend's house, we will take them to where they want to go. As long as the person is able to make appropriate decisions about caring for themselves, not overly intoxicated, etc..., JPD will leave the person where they requested to go. Even if officers do remember where they gave someone a ride to weeks ago, they can't share that information, or look it up in our computer system, because the subject may want that information to be private and the person making the inquiry may not have a legal right to the information. Also, if the subject was taken into custody for medical reasons, officers and dispatch wouldn't be sharing that information.

If the person is legitimately missing the best thing you can do is make sure you or someone else makes a missing person report to JPD. If there is any releaseable information from police contact(s), you can get those reports at JPD by filling out a records request form. There may be a small fee for staff time and copying.


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