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Q. This may be something that I need to talk to my landlord about, but is there anything that prohibits large commercial trucks from parking in small driveways? Also the truck that I'm referring to leaves the house and backs into our driveway at all hours of the night... When it's past ten, like when he comes home at 3:00am, can I file a noise complaint?

Dear Juneau Resident,

Your instincts about talking to the landlord, or even the driver involved, are right on and probably your best option to get your sleep to be undisturbed or less disturbed. There might be something in the lease about not disturbing other tenants. Maybe the driver is willing to be reasonable and change some habits if approached in a reasonable manner.

There is not a law about commercial vehicles in certain size driveways. A noise complaint basically requires an unreasonable type of behavior by the person causing the noise. Driving a vehicle that is legal in a legal manner would be difficult to address as unreasonable behavior.

What you might be able to do is negotiate a different place for the person to park...if that wouldn't just move the problem to where it impacts someone else. Also, maybe a polite conversation could persuade the person not to back in but to pull in forward if coming home at night so the parking wouldn't take as long and any back up beeping would be eliminated.


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