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Q. Someone who lives on Columbia Blvd seems to think it is their right to park on the sidewalk (with at least one vehicle a night, sometimes more) when there is no parking on the street in that particular area. In addition, the vehicles that they do park in their driveway typically blocks the sidewalk as well. I have had to walk around their vehicles and sometimes even switch sides on many occasions because of their actions. As a citizen, what would be the proper way of handling this?

Dear Juneau Resident,

Nothing like seeing a kid have to walk in the street for someone’s parking convenience! While it is a violation to park on the sidewalk, enforcement isn’t positioned to pounce every time someone decides to be inconsiderate, that would cost the taxpayers a fortune.

JPD often sees people get better results by improving neighborhood relationships. A woman who met her neighbors at a National Night Out party turned out not to be an ‘evil owner of a barking dog who is trying to make other people crazy’ person neighbors originally thought. She is actually quite nice and has to be gone a lot for a family medical issue. Whew, no evil person here. Probably best to just talk to her.

Before starting to call the police on the neighbor, see if you can talk to them. Most people go through life pretty consumed with their own issues. Ever drive home and not remember the drive? That is consumed with your own issues. You don’t want a multi-year feud with your neighbor, calling them in and them calling you in for (noise, litter, anything real or imagined). JPD already has plenty of those.


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