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Q. If you enter a school zone when the lights are flashing, and while you're in the zone the lights stop flashing, what is the speed limit? There are a couple of looooooonng school zones in the valley and somehow I always seem to be in one when the lights change.

Dear Juneau Resident,

The law treats the school zone and as being 'On' or 'Off' for enforcement purposes so if you see the lights turn off you can legally go up to the speed limit but in practical terms should you? You aren't required to speed up under the law. If the speed limit has just changed in all likelihood there could still be kids and other pedestrians actively using the area, especially when you consider afterschool activities.

Reward side- if you speed up to the posted limit, even in the longest zones you save maybe a few seconds of drive time for your entire day.

Risk side- pedestrians probably still in the area and you are lengthening the distance you need to stop. Most of us know someone or have a friend of a friend who have hit a car or person and even if it wasn't the driver's fault under the law, the driver still feels miserable.

JPD's opinion-Small reward not worth low probablity but high impact risk.


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