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Questions Posted to "Ask a Dispatcher"

Q. How do I get a copy of a conditions of release? I would like to see the conditions in which ...... was released on 3rd party bail. On September 18th this person was trying to get perscription medication. I would think because of her charges, that this person wouldn't be allowed more drugs while out on bail.

Dear Juneau Resident,

Conditions of release are a moving target and have the possibility of changing every time someone goes to court. While conditions are public record there is no place open to the public where someone, including officers, can just look them up.

What happens when someone calls in a possible violation of conditions is that the officer contacts the suspect and starts running down the current conditions of release, often with the help of dispatch. One of the first calls is usually to the jail since they have a copy of the conditions. If the jail says the person has been to court since released then the officer knows to find the prosecutor's copy. That means calling the District Attorney's or City Attorney's office if it's during business hours or tracking down the on-call prosecutor who can go in and look at the conditions and tell the officer what they are or ask the officer to write up a report and file charges.

Your best bet if you suspect a violation of conditions of release is to call it in to JPD as it's happening so we can start chasing down the person and the paper. If you want a copy of someone's conditions you can try requesting it through the clerk of the court but be advised that it could become outdated at any time.

It would be great for JPD if there was a reliable, updated place where conditions of release are kept, like warrants in the statewide crime information network. That is probably never going to happen since conditions change so frequently Juneau would need one person full time just to keep the information updated. No one's budget is supporting additional services right now.

Now for the other part of your question. The abuse of prescription drugs. Diversion of legitimate medications is a huge problem in Juneau and around the country. But the courts haven't and probably won't get in the middle of doctors writing prescriptions to patients. If someone has medications prescribed to them, there is nothing law enforcement can do. JPD certainly has never been exposed to a condition of release prohibiting medical care. Now if a person is caught with drugs not prescribed to them, that is a different situation and a new violation of the law.


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