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Q. Can you tell me what the CBJ noise ordinance is for barking dogs? I'm actually trying to be pro-active as the owner of two small barky dogs. They like to go out on our deck for short periods(residential area) and yes they bark at anything that moves. I don't let them out late in the evenings or too early in the morning, but I would like to follow the rules if you could provide the exact times. I tried to call GHS but cannot get through to a person. Thanks from Douglas.

Dear Juneau Resident,

As long as your small barky dogs do their small barky thing during daytime hours, there shouldn’t be any issues. HOWEVER, if you’re looking to venture the proactive route, speak with your neighbors and make sure they don’t work nights (thus they sleep during the day) or maybe their baby naps from 10:00-11:00 AM and they’d appreciate it if you avoided that time.

I applaud you for being aware of the situation and attempting to maintain peace in the neighborhood.

Keep in mind, the best resource for information on this issue is Animal Control. You can contact them at 789-6997 (anytime) or GHS at 789-0260 during normal business hours.


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