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Q. my daughter and her boy friend have broke up and he refuses to let her get her things out of the house can jpd help or do i have to come to juneau to handle the situation

Dear Juneau Resident,

JPD doesn't get involved in who gets what stuff when a couple breaks up because that is a civil rather than criminal issue. And...Wow, would that keep us unreasonably busy. In a town of 30,000 there must be dozens of people breaking up everyday and almost all of them are going to have some level of disagreement about property. Luckily most people work it out on their own.

If the boyfriend is not violent, and I am guessing he isn't or you would have mentioned that, this is all about property and possibly disputed property. If your daughter and her boyfriend can't communicate your daughter should think about calling on a mutual friend. She could ask the friend to help them negotiate a resolution. She and her boyfriend can also agree to communicate through a lawyer but that is expensive. Worst case, there will need to a small claims action in court where a judge will help your daughter and her boyfriend sort things out. That can take a long time.

Maybe your daughter needs some in person support during this difficult time. You could come to town and take her to a lawyer to go over her options. There is risk of violating criminal law if you come to town and try to physically help resolve the situation. JPD has seen that plan go badly many times and criminal laws are violated.

This is one of those tough adult situations with no easy answers.


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