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Q. JPD - Please forward this info. to Animal Control, thank you.
For several weeks now I have witnessed a black lab sitting day in and day out of a car that has been broken down with flat tires in front of *******. The dog has been wearing an e-collar and there is a large bag of dog food sitting in the front passenger seat and an empty, dirty bowl for water. This poor dog rarely leaves the car. He is very kind. I believe his owners are a couple residing at *******. The lab sits in ******. Lic. ******. A few weeks back when we had 80 degree + weather, he was sitting in the car ALL day AND night. Please check on him and speak with his “owners”. Maybe they’ll think twice about having a dog they cannot care for and find a home that will love him and not keep him locked up in a car his whole life!

Dear Juneau Resident,

JPD did discuss this case with Animal Control, and those officers were already aware of the situation. The owners don't have a place to stay that allows dogs and are trying to make the best of it with taking the dog out four or five times a day. Which isn't all that different from what owners pay for when kenneling a dog that then has certain play times. Animal Control officers are checking to make sure the dog has food and water.

This is a pretty grim situation for the family and the dog owners are trying to find appropriate housing but Juneau can be tough in that regard. I think most of us can feel somewhat sympathetic, dogs are part of many families and putting them in an animal shelter can be a painful thought.

One out of the box idea is if you live in the area and have a fenced yard and shelter in the yard, you could leave a note on the car that you would be willing to be a 'foster' parent for this sweet lab. All of us lab owners would consider you a hero! Then the dog would be in no danger of not being adopted and the worst happening and the family could be reunited eventually. If you aren't as sure of the character of the people as you are of the dog, you could suggest a meeting place away from your home. Maybe you could ask Animal Control to mediate the foster care and be the middle person?


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