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Q. At the new Walmart intersection, if I am sitting at the stop sign waiting to turn right or left onto Glacier Hwy, it's difficult or even impossible to see if the light is blinking, solid, or not lit. If the crosswalk is clear, is it ok to turn at any time? What if there are already cars stopped on Glacier Hwy?

Dear Juneau Resident,

This question inspired a short field trip to the Walmart intersection from JPD. When you sit at the stop sign at the exit, waiting to enter Glacier Highway, the angle to see the overhead lights is severe so they are a little difficult to see. However, if you look toward the crosswalk, there is a light lower down on a pole. It will be just off your passenger side front corner. It is not where you might be used to looking but it will tell you the status of the crosswalk lights. This is important information because you can't turn right unless the crosswalk is clear and you have yielded the right of way to traffic going in the same direction you are turning.

To refresh the rules, cars have to stop when there is a steady red light at the crosswalk. If the red light is blinking cars must stop but can then proceed if the crosswalk is clear of pedestrians.

You can turn left if the crosswalk lights are a solid red prohibiting movement from the cars waiting at the time to drive toward Lemon Creek on Glacier Highway. If the lights are blinking you are going to want to wait since the cars on Glacier Highway can take the right of way at any time the crosswalk is clear and if they hit you, you will have been in the wrong.

Whew, I hope this clears things up!


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