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Q. Late last night/early this morning, my 11 year old daughter woke me saying she heard shuffling or scraping noises several times in the back yard. I looked out our windows and everything looked fine. The family dog didn't seem phased and I didn't hear anything after that. I figured it was a critter or something. However, this morning when we went to let the dog out the flood light in the back was shattered all on the ground in front of the back door. There is a rough part of the door jam where the wood has been smoothly shaved away. My husband is out of town but says that he thinks that our dog did that and it has been like that. There is no wood chips on the ground but it was windy this morning. So I am trying to decide if I should at least report this as fishy or toss it up to a blown lightbulb and the dog.

Dear Juneau Resident,

I think you should ramp up your awareness for awhile but your dog's reaction indicates it is unlikely someone was actually tampering with a door frame. Most dogs would turn inside out over something like that and there would be no doubt in your mind you had a burglar or a bear in the yard. You will want to repair the flood light right away and either leave it on at night or add a motion detector if there isn't one on it now.


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